That’s what i want to have now. But that is a scary thought.
I don’t know how that idea came across my mind?
and i don’t know how to vanish that intention from my head. That feeling is very strong, almost makes me lose my mind.

If you think that idea came because i’m not happy, actually i’m happy.
I have alovely wife that love me as i’m and two great sons.
I’m a very happy man. But why this scary thought comes?

I’m confuse cause i don’t wanna heart my family. I need to find the way to eliminate this. I can’t tell anybody even my closest friend, i’m affraid. But i need a friend to talk to so i can release it.
I rarely write my post in english, but for this one i do. just in case one of my friend knows my blog and read this confession of mine.
Help Me God through this temptation, and please show me the way to pass this scary mind..


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  1. win
    Agu 13, 2010 @ 11:58:56

    Hopefully It Just an Idea and you have not done it…
    Too bad if you do that, It will ruin all of your happines with your family.
    Just think about it over and over again.. 😦

    • alfnar23
      Agu 13, 2010 @ 21:03:13

      Thank you.
      I love my family, so i didn’t do that yet, and i still struggling with my mind. Hopefully i never found that crazy idea in my head ever again.

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